Quick Afterschool or Weekend Snacks!

Happy Sunday everyone! *eyeroll* Typically, I dread Mondays! Not this week though. I am doing what everyone silently knew I would NEVER again do… I am getting married.

Aside from all that giddiness, I still have the role of Mom and my kids were screaming they were hungry! What to do, what to do…. Hmmmmmmm…….

Oh, I know!!!! Tortillas! YUM! We put a spin on our tortillas though. We make them without meat unless they are used as an entree.

You will need:

Flour tortillas

Sliced tomato ( I slice my tomatoes and then quarter them)


Shredded monterey jack and colby cheese

Garlic salt


Add garlic salt and a very small amount of cheese to heated pan (this makes it SO good!) add tortilla and then add your ‘insides’ and top with the other tortilla. Adding a small amount of cheese to the pan will help make this SO crispy and yummy! The key is to let it brown long enough that it won’t try to stick to the pan.. Trust me, practice makes perfect here. 😉 Cook til heated through, use a pizza wheel to cut it into slices. Sometimes, I get awful and serve with a side of sour cream! 😉



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