Let’s Talk Oil!

There are several types of cooking oils on the shelves in today’s stores. I typically prefer to use Extra Virgin Olive Oil in most of my cooking. Let’s talk about the main different types of olive oils and my preferred brand! 😉

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO): This oil is mad from the first ‘cold pressing’ of the olives and is easily distinguished by its full flavor, low acidity and deep greenish-gold coloring. Only oils that contain less than 0.8‰ or less by weight of Oleic acid, a naturally occurring acid found in olives. Oils must meet or surpass this criteria after pressing and decanting in order to earn this prestigious title. This oil is ideal for salad dressings, marinades, sauces and bread dipping.

Olive Oil (OO): Oils that don’t qualify as EVOO, because its acidity level measured greater than the 0.8‰ immediately after pressing. This oil is typically known as ‘pure’ because it contains a blend of purified olive oil and EVOO. This ‘classic oil’ is perfectly balanced with a mild taste and golden color.This oil is considered perfectly balanced, which in simpleton terms (how I understand things) means it is great for basting, grilling and sauteing meat, poultry and vegetables, and an excellent choice for pasta dishes.

Extra Light Olive Oil: This is another OO that does not qualify for the EVOO title, so it is naturally refined to remove any impurities. In comparison to the OO, a smaller percentage of EVOO is added back to this purified Extra Light Olive Oil to give the final characteristics. The description ‘light’ simply refers to the taste, color and aroma. This isn’t in reference to it’s nutritional values. This type of oil typically has a high ‘smoke point’. In simpleton terms (how I understand things), this oil is great for frying and baking’ it minimizes spattering and maximizes moistness!

I am a Bzzagent, and just signed up for the  Filippo Berio Olive Oil Campaign! I am SO excited! This will add A LOT of knowledge to my cooking arsenal! I will have some $1.00 coupons available if you are interested, be sure to send me your email address and I will get in touch with you to ship one your way!

I do not get paid for being a Bzzagent, but I get to try out products and share my thoughts on them with everyone!

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